Marine Services

As the drive towards efficiency and cost effectiveness has increased‚ the shipping industry has searched for new methods of quickly and safely gaining access to 'remote' work locations such as bulkheads‚ hulls and cargo holds.

'Rope Access'‚ a strictly regulated and highly technical industry with a safety record second to none is one of a range of access methods offered to clients. Surveys can be carried out whilst the vessel is in transit‚ which reduces non-productive time and yields invaluable data for calculating future dry-dock costs and time.

Thickness measurements for classification surveys from the following Classification Societies are presently available. NK‚ Lloyds Register of Shipping‚ Det Norske Veritas‚ Bureau Veritas.

  • Inspection (Classification Surveys Process Piping‚ Structural‚ Communications)
  • Repair (Structural‚ Piping‚ Electrical‚ Instrumentation)
  • Maintenance (Electrical‚ Piping‚ Communications)
  • Structural Installation and minor repairs including Welding and Painting.