Geotechnical Work - Overview
Cliff stabilisation work
Sea cliff stabilisation work

Rope Tech offer a range of rope access based geotechnical services. Often associated with cliff stabilisation on rail or highway projects we offer a highly efficient alternative to scaffolding.

  • The work we do includes:
  • Rock bolting and Netting
  • Soil Nailing
  • Cliff Stabilisation
  • Site Monitoring

There are many benefits to undertaking geotechnical work using rope access rather than scaffolding:

  • Rope Access is quick to deploy and equally quick to exit the job.
  • Rope Access has non of the security or safety issues presented by leaving scaffolding in place on a site.
  • Rope Access enables work to be carried out more quickly and is thus more cost effective than scaffolding.
  • Health & Safety Executive statistics show that rope access is far safer for the operatives using it than scaffolding.

As with all Rope Tech work our geotechnical teams are made up of highly competent and experienced personnel who are committed to delivering the combination of quality and safety that we promise to our clients.