Installations - Overview
Going up to replace an anemometer on the top of a 50m weather mast

Rope Tech is often subcontracted in projects to install new systems into old plants or to upgrade old systems with new components.

Fire detection and sprinkler systems are a common example of this kind of work. The modern VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) fire detection system involves runs of plastic pipe‚ with aspiration holes drilled in‚ being attached to the ceiling and then connect to a detector unit at ground level. Once the pipes have been planned and the holes drilled fitting them is straightforward unless‚ of course‚ the access is difficult.

If you are trying to fit runs of pipe (or anything else) along the ceiling of a manufacturing plant the chances are that the floor will be covered in all manner of equipment‚ which will either be bolted to it or at least very onerous to remove. You can’t get the pickers or MEWPS in and scaffolding the entire plant will cost a fortune. That’s where Rope Tech comes in.

Using Rope Tech’s rope access teams totally negates the need for scaffolding‚ cherry pickers or MEWPS. Our operatives use their rope access skills to climb into position along the steel girders and‚ in cooperation with their ground man‚ will pull up the necessary fittings using ropes and then fit them in the manner required.

It is totally safe (remember we are governed by IRATA and approved by the Health & Safety Executive)‚ quick‚ painless and has the absolute minimum impact on the customer’s work place.

Rope Tech has done many installations of the following systems but if you don’t see yours on the list please talk to us. If we don’t already have operatives with the relevant competencies we can always get them and short pre-installation training sessions are quite common for us these days:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Burglar Detection Systems
  • Sprinkler System Refits
  • Meteorology Masts and Equipment
  • Fitting Banners and Signs

We do have fully qualified rope access electricians on our teams‚ which is often useful on the installations side.