Power Generation

Rope Tech's specialist teams have worked on a range of facilities world wide providing Rope Access solutions to many common access problems

Hydro Electric
Penstock and shaft inspections - maintenance to dam walls - concrete repairs and inspections
Safety cover for power station technicians from remote areas with our qualified access and rescue team

Gas Powered Stations
The access system used to refurbish the attenuators of this cooling tower had originally been scaffold‚ meaning that the unit was out of commission for weeks.

Our rope access system was easily removable after crane operations had finished‚ and without the interference of scaffold it meant the fan could be engaged when the workers were clear of the unit.

Meanwhile the baffle system was being maintained and refurbished at ground level resulting in less down time for the unit.

Cost effective access solution when in situ cradle system is out of certification or damaged.

No expensive cradle system maintenance and certification costs.
Flexibility to work in different locations at short notice.

No unsightly roof top access system paraphernalia. No interference from scaffold.