Building Conservation

Historical building conservation by means of rope access is a specialist field that Ropetech has developed over a number of years. We offer a reliable thoroughly unique building conservation service. Our team of Rope Access trained experienced conservators and independent consultants have gained recognition for their thoughtful and sensitive approach to a variety of conservation problems.

Recent clients include Canterbury Cathedral, where RTI installed the latest remote sensoring technology allowing for cable free crack monitoring with data-logging capabilities.

RIGHT - Our modular frame system installed to safely access remote areas causing minimal disruption and no damage to architectural structures and cathedral activities

The department head is qualified conservator Mr. Joe Picalli PGDip (arch stone cons)who is currently completing research in historical mortars and the stones they bed. Joe has over ten years experience in rope access and is an IRATA level 3 rope access supervisor

The department offers a wide range of conservation solutions drawing on experience gleaned at prestigious sites such as Hampton Court Palace and Ely Cathedral.

RIGHT - Dr Michael O'Connor inspecting Bell Harry Tower Canterbury Cathedral - 2005

Rapid access to areas that would normally remain unattended for long periods due to high scaffolding costs.
The capability to clean, lime wash and conserve architectural and sculptured features.
The capability to remove vegetation and undertake biocide treatments.
Carry out emergency repair or removal of loose or unstable masonry.
To provide detailed surveys by conservators with photographic and video back up.
Provide reports on inaccessible areas to allow accurate specifications to be produced.