Roped Access Solutions for the Power Generating Industry
Welding repairs to a bunker wall prior to gunite application
On site blade inspection and repair
Cleaning the underside of a domed glass structure
Industrial Cleaning in a Nuclear Power Station

About Us

Remote Access Technology (RAT) delivers safe‚ cost effective solutions to difficult access problems.

Our work falls into three areas; inspection‚ maintenance‚ and installations.

The main market that we operate in is the power generating industry where we are able to save clients a lot of time and money through the selective application of our teams of rope access qualified tradesmen.

Examples of the work we undertake includes the following:

Non Destructive Testing
Wind turbine blade MRO
Wind turbine tower MRO
Weather mast installations and inspections
Penstock Inspection
Stack Cleaning
Instrumentation Installation / Maintenance
Refractory Repairs
Hydraulic Bolt Torquing
Insulation Removal – Reinstatement
Stack Interior / Exterior Inspections‚ Maintenance and Repairs
Tank Inspections
Containment Dome Inspections
Pipe Hanger Maintenance
FGD and SCR maintenance
Digital Photography & Video Survey
Coal Bunker and Coal Silo Inspection and Repairs
Boiler Inspections & Deslagging
Cable Tray Inspections and Welding Repairs